2 thoughts on “zadowolony (pleased)

  1. Joe Blake says:

    Hello, pleased to meet you! I like your drawings, and you have put several Likes on my blog. And we share a love of drawing faces! I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and I’m a granddad now. Your blog has encouraged/inspired me to put out many more of my ‘face’ drawings. One will appear tomorrow, Girl, paused #3′ (already scheduled), and after that I’ll put one per day! Thanks!!🌞😋😂 Joe

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    • Na Ry says:

      And nice to meet you too, Joe! Thank you for stopping by and for this kind comment. You’re right, I do like draw faces (and heads 😉 ), I ‘see’ them all around 😀
      And I’m very happy I could inspired you!, wow. Now I’m looking forward to seeing your new drawings.


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