“Walk #5” – animacja z bloga ‘Marissa Pruett’

Ożywione przez Marissę Pruett ‘chude nóżki’ (This character came to life by Marissa Pruett):

429  ⇒⇒⇒Featured Image -- 3531

( https://narysunku.wordpress.com/2018/01/27/chude-nozki-thin-legs/ )

VIDEO w oryginalnym poście:

(Watch VIDEO at original post: )

Marissa Pruett.com

I’m so excited to post this walk cycle  of a character designed by our friend, who creates charming characters every day and posts them on this blog: https://narysunku.wordpress.com/. This stupendous character was designed by this blog artist: and used by permission. The video is copyrighted Marissa Pruett 2018.

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