4 thoughts on “czarny pies (black dog)

  1. Na Ry says:

    Thank you Eduardo for your opinion!!!
    I think this ‘black dog’ has connotation in another (not mine) drawing – now I don’t remember which one – and he’s not very ‘unique’, but thanks anyway for your kind comment 😉
    And I agree – it’s funny 😀


  2. stevekiddart says:

    I automatically think of Winston Churchill and his bouts of depression when I hear about “black dog” – http://theconversation.com/winston-churchill-and-his-black-dog-of-greatness-36570

    He used to write, and also paint to help resolve the condition at put the black dog to rest. He was quite the artist, coincidentally his arch-enemy Adolf Hitler could also wield a paintbrush with a degree of skill.

    Moral of the story; artists – they’re all nutters :o)

    Love these daily sketches and title translations.

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  3. Na Ry says:

    Thank you Steve. I can see ‘fun and knowledge’ in your comment 🙂
    And thanks a lot for your compliment about my work (and translations 😉 )!!!


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